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How To Reduce GPU Temperature

Being a central part of any gaming PC, the graphics card is more heat-resistant than many of your other components and can reach 75-85 under load in normal circumstances. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put any effort into lowering down its temperature. In fact, doing so will prevent thermal … Keep Reading

What is Monitor Response Time

Buying a monitor is not an easy task as you have to consider a lot of factors including screen size, screen resolution, refresh rate, panel type, and video input. While all these factors are a good way to differentiate one model from another, monitors, in general, are complex devices – … Keep Reading

Different Types of SSDs

SSDs have been around us for quite some time but were restricted to only high-end PCs due to their high price. But now more and more budget users were opting for them due to ever-decreasing prices, with 2021 being the first time SSDs outselling the hard drive – and that … Keep Reading

Is A GPU Backplate Worth It?

PC Master Race is not just about the performance. Style is a big part in this equation. And there’s no reason why you won’t want to show off your 2000-buck machine to your friends. Over the years GPUs have got more and more attractive. OEMs have made their shrouds look … Keep Reading

GPU Power Connectors Explained

No matter how powerful graphics card you’ve put into your PC, it won’t run at its full potential unless you supply the power it needs. Some GPUs don’t require a lot of power to run. These are usually lower-end GPUs that can simply take power from the motherboard itself and … Keep Reading

What is Backlight Bleed And How to Fix it on Monitor or TV?

Due to their inherent nature, LCD Displays are much more fragile than other PC components. The chances of you getting a flawless display are lesser, and often you can have an issue right out of the box. One such issue is the backlight bleeding. What is Backlight Bleed? Also called … Keep Reading

GPU Fans Not Spinning

Every graphics card comes with one or two fans, with some high-end models even coming with 3. It’s because they’re critical in maintaining the temperature of the graphics card while it’s rendering graphics during games. As you can imagine, you can have a lot of performance issues if these fans … Keep Reading

How Much Does RAM Affect FPS in Games

RAM memory is pretty important in a computer. It is also one of the key components that aid in your system’s performance. After the processor and the graphics card, RAM plays an integral role in bringing modern games to life on your screen. So it should affect FPS in games … Keep Reading

What are CUDA Cores?

If you’ve ever researched about graphics cards, you’ll find the term ‘CUDA cores’ many times in their specs-sheets. CUDA Cores stand for “Compute Unified Device Architecture”. These are small computing units that work in parallel to each other. If you are familiar with the cores on the processors, then it’s … Keep Reading

Does the Motherboard Affect Gaming Performance?

Can a motherboard improve your PC’s gaming performance and increase FPS? Short answer: Yes Long answer: Yes, but also it depends on several factors. A motherboard alone is practically not going to do anything. But when you combine it with a quality CPU, a good GPU, and adequately fast RAM, … Keep Reading