Mobile Legends Hack

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is developed by Moonton. You can generate unlimited diamonds and battle points using Mobile Legends hack for your game and we’re not going to charge you a single penny.

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Mobile Legends hack 2019

How does Mobile Legends Hack 2019 work?

MLI designed the diamonds and battle points working in a cool and unique way which is highly secured over World Wide Web. This, without human verification tool is found to be more reliable when compared with other tools. To make use of this amazing hack tool, you need to have a working device like Mobile, Tab or IPad with an internet connection. First of all, you need to visit the blacklotusgaming.net and you need to enter such information as your Mobile Legends: Bang Bang username and choose the platform and amount of diamonds and battle points you want added and then click on the ACCESS button. That’s it! the tool will start working from here.

Can I get free Resources of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang?

The first question that comes into the mind of every Mobile Legends: Bang Bang player is that if it is possible to get free diamonds, tickets and battle points. The answer is yes, it is possible. It is pretty easy to get to earn the free and unlimited battle points in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang to play the game. You might have watched different kind of videos to know how to get free diamonds. But before you take any step further, you need to know one thing that there are many websites and blogs which claim to provide free diamonds but what they do instead, is nothing more than offering you pirated and corrupted files. Similar to this, you can find several sites which act as a free Mobile Legends hack no survey. Most of the sites are claiming to provide you battle points. But what is actually happening is that you are wasting your time and efforts. People are earning money by doing filthy scams. Do not waste your time on these sites and stay away from them.

Beginner’s Guide for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a multiplayer online battle arena mobile game developed and published by Moonton for iOS and Android platforms on 9 November, 2016 worldwide. First, we will start with the basic points. Everything is detailed so that even the newbies may understand.

Learning the Map

In this game, you have to pay special attention towards the map and learn all the different aspects of the map. The main aspects are: lanes, jungle and sub-bosses.


The main way to reach the enemy’s base and destroy it before he destroys yours, is through lanes. Mainly, there are three lanes: top, middle and bottom placed accordingly on the map. Each lane has its own restrictions and lets only a certain type of roles to pass through. The top lane is used by fighters, the middle lane is used by assassins while the bottom lane is used by tanks. This means that the characters will face same type of enemy heroes from the enemy which means that it all comes down to strategy. Another thing you have to keep in mind, is that the lanes are guarded by turrets and you can’t destroy your enemy’s base until you destroy the turrets protecting that base. Minions are regularly spawned from your base through the lanes to attack the turrets and the smart way is to send your troops after the minions so that they recieve some protection from the turrets and can then easily defeat the enemy heroes present on each location.


The area between the lanes is called jungle which not only gives you direct shortcut between lanes but also contains experience and gold which you can recieve by farming. The jungle can also be harmful at times as some dangerous monsters are present which can jump out at you at any given time but after you kill these monsters, you recieve more gold and experience as a reward. After you kill these animals using Mobile Legends hack no survey they respawn after some time which gives a nice enough window to other players for farming. As your level increases, the monsters become tougher and the rewards become greater. If you want to jungle in a game along with fighting you need to choose a character which has good jungling skills. Jungle can also be used to hide and plan surprise attacks on the enemy or to earn bonuses such as mega damage and double experience.


Sub bosses are extremely difficult and tough enemies spawned late into the game. They are extremely hard to defeat single-handedly and a team is needed to take them down and are perfect for someone looking for some adventure. But, all this trouble is worth it when you recieve all the bonuses it contains which can easily make the match one sided if one team defeats the sub bosses back to back.


Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games are always team-based which means that no one can win without teamwork which make this the most important aspect of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games because even if one of the players is a rookie the others can help him in becoming a better player by covering him when he needs help and giving him tips. Your team should always be balanced and everyone should be assigned a particular task so that their isn’t too much focus on a single character type. Good junglers help players in different lanes and then go back to jungling. Teamwork is vastly improved by the aid of communication. In a mobile game, communication is hard but it can still happen and it can be really helpful when you are in a pickle.

How To Defeat The Enemy

Your main aim shouldn’t be to defeat the enemy heroes, it should be to destroy the enemy’s base. But, before destroying the enemies you have to use mobile legends hack diamond 2019 base you need to reach the enemies base which is the main difficult task as you will have to go through enemy minions in every lane, kill their heroes and destroy the three turrets present in each lane. Your main hurdle in your quest towards the enemy’s base are the three turrets in each lane. How you’ll destroy them is by first pushing at least a couple of heroes in the lane but only after minions have spawned. The heroes will follow the minions and when they reach the attack ring of the tower, they will start attacking the tower. The minions will soon be destroyed and then all you can do is wait for the next swarm of minions. Be careful of the enemy heroes as they will try their best to protect their turrets. After you have destroyed your first turret, you’ll have two more to go until you can reach the enemy’s base. The best help you can get during this process is by a jungler who can occasionally drop in to help when you are in a bad position.

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How To Get Unlimited Diamonds and Battle Points in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Are you looking for battle points and diamonds? Then you’ve come to the right place. This is the best Mobile Legends hack without human verification. Mobile Legends cheats generator on this website is used to generate unlimited amount of battle points for free with guaranteed success. Now, you can generate free using Mobile Legends hack no survey in a matter of seconds. Here you can add unlimited diamonds and battle points to your game directly from any of your browsers, and are completely safe while using this hacking tool and can get better resources to play the game.

Mobile Legends hack

Here is the Solution: Follow some steps mentioned below:

  • First, select your desired platform (Android, and IOS).
  • Enter your Mobile Legends: Bang Bang username in Mobile Legends hack tool.
  • Now, select the total amount of battle points and diamonds you want to get. Confirm that the details entered are correct.
  • You have successfully hacked the diamonds and battle points by using the Mobile Legends hack no human verification.

Does Mobile Legends Cheats Support Mobile devices?

Yes, this tool is supported over all platforms and browsers. This is ensured after the tests performed to make sure that there are no bugs or any trouble while generating diamonds and battle points. You can feel free using our tool for generating unlimited amount of battle points for mobile legends and use these diamonds to make the game more interesting and exciting. This tool supports all consoles including PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC. You can use our hack tool of 2018 for both Mobile Legends: Bang Bang online and Mobile Legends offline (Story Mode).

Conclusion of Mobile Legends hack tool

I hope this guide was helpful for all of you just starting out. Remember to never rush the game and be a hero. Always be a good team palyer and have fun. We have already recieved lots of positive feedback regarding this guide. Diamonds and Battle Points are a vital part of the game and you can recieve them in an unlimited amount through our Mobile Legends cheats. You can also visit our another post about COC Private server.


Covet Fashion Hack

This game is based on fashion designing so you can design your own dresses or models. It is a great game to spend quality time on your passion. Some people have different hobbies for entertaining themselves but some of them have an interest in designing and dressing and this game is especially designed for them. The game is full of fantastic features and it is available on Android or iOS. If you are a home decorator then you can visit our blog post about Design Home Hack.

Covet Fashion Hack

Interesting Things in Covet Fashion

The game provides a high graphics interface. You can dress up with different brands available and you can also select the skin tone, hairstyle and eyes’ color of your models according to your wish. It’s an extremely interesting dress up game as you can also buy different items to dress up your model in the game. You can also connect your game with different social media accounts like Facebook so that you’ll be able to compare your designed model with your friends or family members.

What are Covet Fashion Diamonds?

Diamonds are used as a currency in the game to buy different expensive dresses’ accessories and to unlock different models’ avatars. In this game, diamonds play a very important role to complete the game in a very smooth way so you should always make sure to have a nice amount of it in hand. Diamonds can also be converted into tickets or money when need be.

How to Get Unlimited Diamonds in Covet Fashion

There are many ways to get diamonds in the game. You can get diamonds by connecting the game with your social media account or by completing daily events or tasks. You can also get a daily login bonus. On the other side, If you need any help regarding the cheats don’t forget to visit Covet Fashion Hack.

Features of Covet Fashion Cheats:

  • Players can add tickets and cash instantly without paying anything.

  • Simple and easy to use

  • No virus issues and undetectable

  • You can add infinite resources using this covet fashion hack no survey.

  • You can use this tool without paying a single penny.

  • Free to use

What is Tickets and Cash?

In this game Tickets and Cash are also present. Money is a currency which is frequently used in the game to buy clothes of different brands. The purpose of these things is to buy different skins, different styled hairs and dresses’ accessories. Tickets are used to enter in different shows or challenges. All currencies are very important as they have different roles in the game so make sure to use them wisely to complete the game.

How to play?

It is a very easy and interesting dress-up game. In this game you have to choose your model’s skin color, hairstyle, eye color and the type of dress or accessories she’ll wear. You can also buy different models’ dresses or different accessories. You can have your model dressed according to your wishes.


Every time you complete a challenge you get a reward. The reward may be in the form of diamonds or money but you can use these rewards for completing the game in a smooth manner.

What is Covet Fashion Hack 2019?

Covet Fashion hack no human verification is used to complete the game without any headache. We will not charge a single penny for this tool. You can also get different tools or accessories by visiting Covet Fashion Cheats no offers.


Xbox One Game Exclusives

We know that the Xbox One isn’t exactly known for its exclusives. But, it’s all a matter of quality over quantity. The ones they do have are all great, such as the surreal indie shooter Cuphead. Here, we won’t just mention the Xbox One exclusives. We will tell you guys about the Xbox One games that are worth your while and that may have slipped under your radar.

Enter the Gungeon

It is a bullet hell dungeon crawler roguelike top-down shooter following a band of misfits seeking the most powerful Gungeon’s treasure, the gun that can destroy the past. You have to shoot and loot your way to victory, down the gungeon until you reach the bottom where the treasure is hidden. There is also a co-op option, if you want to play with someone else as a team. You have to go pass the deadly but lovely Gundead along with the Gungeon bosses.

Enter the Gungeon

You’ll find many secrets along the way and make sure to make use of the merchants you meet along the way, as the things you buy can play a vital role during crucial battles. It is one of the biggest celebrations of a video game inside of a video game. It is an intense shooting game, filled with creative enemies and crazy weapons. If you put too much time into this game (like I did), it’ll all be worth it in the end. This game is also great for the gamers who find this rogue lite genre frustrating and overrated. Have fun, and make sure to never waste your ammo as you’re going to need it because of the endless amount of enemies you’ll meet on your way. Our team giving Xbox Live Code Generator without any human verification or charges for a limited time you can try.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

It is an open world, action-adventure RPG the likes of which you’ve never seen. It is set in the medieval times, in which you are basically a no one. Your village is attacked by mercenaries, commanded by the Hungarian king, Sigismund. After surviving the attack on your village, you join a resistance movement fueled by vengeance. In the resistance group, you learn how to use the sword. You practice using it until you have mastered it. All this takes place in an open world environment, filled with early 15th century architecture.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

It’s filled with lifelike quests in a world with incredible attention to detail. If you are the kind of guy who wants his games to be filled to the brim with realism, then this is the game for you. It keeps you invested with great characters and brilliant acting. It features vast fields and majestic castles all rendered in stunning high-end graphics. It has a non-linear story which allows you to complete your quests in multiple ways. Your actions also influence the people around you. So, whatever you do, you’re going to have to face the consequences of your decisions. It is a deep system heavy game with challenging simulation style combat, clever new ways of using stats and speech craft that does not hold your hand at all and feels way more like an old school RPG PC game.

Design Home Hack

If you are interested in home and room decoration, then it is a very great game for you and is definitely worth your time. You should begin playing Design Home online right away as the game will put you in the sole of the interior designer who can design room according to your mind. In this game, other people judge your room designs. It is not easy to complete the challenges as you have to think big and design different and unique. If you are a mobile user you can check The Sims Mobile Hack 2019.

mobile legends hack

How to Design the Rooms?

It is a very interesting aspect of the game. The game will provide two types of items that can be used in room decorating. These two colored items are given for room decoration. One is compulsory to use and the other is optional. You have to complete different stages using Design Home Hack 2019 of the game to reach a high level in the game. In game, some items are given and some you have to purchase in the game to decorate room.

In the start of the game, the game will give certain amount of items that you can use for decorating the room. You can either use these items or purchase some more products from the game store by using in-game currencies. To complete the different locations of the game you will get a good amount of diamonds because the specified items might not be available to you. So, you need to purchase them.

Features of Design Home Hack:

  • 24/7 Working
  • Virus Free
  • Free of Cost
  • Regular Updates

design home hack no survey

The items available in the store are expensive, so you should spend on them only if required. Try to purchase the furniture in discounted deals that still looks good for decorating your room. You can also use Design Home Hack no human verification no offers to save your money.

Importance of Design Home Keys?

Keys are the most important feature in the game, as you need this to submit your design to polling. You need a good amount of keys for submitting a home design. Without rating other people’s designs, you can neither earn keys nor submit the design that you have created. Poling is the best way to get more keys. If you get more than five votes you can get three or more keys. On the other side, you can also get free cash and diamonds. However, you can get all these things for free by using design home cheats 2018 no survey.

Importance of Design Home Diamonds and Cash:

You require a large amount of these currencies to complete the game quickly. So you have to make sure you have enough diamonds and cash to complete the game rapidly without wasting time on little challenges to increase your currency and have spent it on items you needed wisely.

Some of the ways to get more diamonds and cash.

  • After completing a level in the game, you will earn diamond and cash.
  • Polling other gamers’ designs you can earn diamonds or cash.
  • After completing the daily challenges without fail you can get diamonds and cash.
  • You have to log in daily to get more in-game currencies.
  • It is possible for you to purchase diamonds by spending real-world money.
  • You can use the Design Home cheats and Design Home hack to easily win the challenges.

For more information visit Black Lotus Gaming daily for regular updates.

The Sims Mobile Hack

The Sims is completely unique from other games and it is available for free-to-download. It can be played on Android and iOS devices, due to which, the game has been downloaded by millions of users across the world. The good news is that with the help of the Black Lotus Gaming staff we have created The Sims Mobile hack and Mobile Legends Hack for Android and iOS users.

The Sims Mobile Hack

It is one of the most popular games available on all mobile platforms just like our the sims mobile hack generator no survey no offers it provides a different experience.

The Sims Mobile Hack 2019 Unlimited Simoleons

Through Simoleons, you can buy everything. If you want to complete the levels in a short amount of time, then you can use our the sims mobile hack 2019. There are lots of videos, sites and so on, regarding this issue which you can use. However, not every Sims Mobile Hack no human verification is working the same. Some can steal your cash. Avoid them, they will ask for your credit card details, current password of the sims mobile. Never give someone secret information – especially not your email or passwords. Usually, you can find the right one by using Google as Google shows legit results. There are also several independent blogs talking about The Sims Mobile Cheats and they are actually very helpful for you.

The Sims Mobile Cheats

The Sims Mobile Beginners Guide

How to Level Up Using Sims Mobile Hack

You’ve got to play on a daily basis to increase your level of Sims Mobile rapidly. When your level increases, you will earn some cash through which you can unlock new items for the home.

Earn Cash through Ads:

The Sims Mobile offers different opportunities to watch ads, which provide you money without spending any cash and by just watching those till the very end and not skipping. Everytime you complete work, relationships and other events you will be gifted by rewards.

How to Earn Simcash using The Sims Mobile Cheats

Simcash is used for buying hairstyles, clothes and other items. Simcash is an expensive currency in the game and is difficult to get. You can get Simcash after completing tricky missions and watching ads. The best way is to get Simcash by spending real cash using your credit card, but we have an alternative for you which is to use our the sims mobile hack no survey. If you are an android user don’t forget to visit Design Home Hack.

The Benefits of sims mobile cheats 2019 is to let you generate infinite Simoleons and Cash. You can get all of them by clicking the Access here button. Our team created this tool for gamers. This tool is free from bugs and can be used 24/7 and we will not charge a single penny. This tool has a proxy feature that will keep you protected, it updates itself and is protected from search engines like Youtube, Google, and Bing.

Sims Mobile is an interesting game that will keep you invested in the world of Sims.

Keep in mind that all The Sims Mobile hack generators for free are all fake. Never use them at any cost, it can harm your The Sims Mobile account and always remember to keep your computer or mobile devices secure from antiviruses.

COC FHX Private Server

FHX Clash of Clans Private Server is one of the best Clash of Clans Private Servers out there. The thing that sets this server apart from the other private servers is the number of resources you’ll receive. You’ll get unlimited elixir, gold, gems, and dark elixir just by the push of one button. All you have to do is click on the Download Now button to download the FHX COC server.

COC FHX Private Servers

FHX COC Private Server Features:

Gems 10,000,000
Gold 10,000,000
Elixir 10,000,000
Dark Elixir 10,000,000
Troops 10,000,000
Modification Yes Available
Servers 100% Secure

You could build custom buildings such as Barbarian King Tower, P.E.K.K.A Tower, Goblin Town Hall and many more. You’d also be able to create custom heroes such as Lava King, Valkyrie Queen, Dragon King and more. You would be able to have a 500 army camp slot to build a huge army and easily destroy your enemies’ bases.

FHX Servers

Types of FHX COC Private Servers:

  • FHX Server X

FHX Server X is the best server among all these servers as everything in the shop will be free. It is a completely modified server and you can make your own heroes and buildings and give them power accordingly.

  • FHX Server SG

FHX Server SG provides you with all the gems, elixir, gold and dark elixir you want. This server is more like the original game but with more resources.

  • FHX Server DSG

FHX Server DSG is even better than FHX Server SG, as it provides you with unlimited everything but on the same original Clash of Clans.

  • FHX Server A

FHX Server A can be used to build free buildings and heroes. It can be played with modification and gives you gold and elixir free of cost.

  • FHX Server B

FHX Server B is better than FHX Server A, as it provides you with even more control of the custom items such as the custom heroes and buildings

FHX COC Private Server Requirements:

These are the requirements you need to fulfill, in order to download fhx COC apk on your devices:

  • 4.0.3 for Android
  • 90 MB of space
  • Blue Stacks for Desktop

How Does It Work:

The COC original servers are hosted on the Supercell servers, whereas FHX private servers are hosted on private servers. The original servers are controlled by the Supercell team. While the FHX private servers are controlled privately, this in return gives you unlimited resources.

Works on any Device

For these fhx servers to work, you don’t need to root your device or do anything else to your device. All you have to do is download the fhx private server and enjoy the experience.


As you can see, FHX Clash of Clans Private Server is by far, the best server out there. There are even more options within the FHX Servers, and you can choose your pick. Make sure to meet the requirements needed and you’ll be good to go. You can also visit our latest article of The Sims Mobile Hack in our blog.