What are CPU and GPU Bottlenecks

In its simplest form, a computer is just a bunch of different hardware components that communicate with each other to perform certain tasks. But what if there’s a great mismatch between the processing power of these components, with one of them being too slower than the rest? This situation is … Keep Reading

How to Reduce CPU Temperature

The CPU/processor is often called the brain of the computer, and for a good reason. It’s responsible for interacting with all the programs/software you’ve installed in your computer, receiving input from those programs/OS/other hardware components, processing that input, and displaying the result in the form of output on your screen. … Keep Reading

9 CPU Specifications Explained

The CPU is called the brain of a computer for a reason. Also known as microprocessor, it is a small chip that fits into your motherboard and performs all the calculations required to run a computer. In simple words, it takes input, performs some operations based on that input, and … Keep Reading