Discover How Does CPU Cache Work? 2023 Guide

How Does CPU Cache Work

When checking out any new processor, there’s a high chance of you seeing the terms ‘L2 cache’ and ‘L3 cache’ in the specs section. What is Cache Memory? Cache memory is a type of computer memory that stores frequently accessed data to retrieve it quickly. This is done to speed … Keep Reading

APU vs CPU vs GPU – Useful Comparison Guide 2023

APU vs CPU vs GPU - Quick Comparison Guide 2023

While building a PC, you will definitely encounter terms like APU vs CPU vs GPU. In the world of personal computing, there are three primary ways to process information: the central processing unit (CPU), the graphics processing unit (GPU), and the accelerator processing unit (APU). APU vs CPU vs GPU … Keep Reading

Is Overclocking Worth It?

Overclocking is a process through which you can increase performance of different PC components. Hardware components like CPU and graphics card come with a certain clock speed out of the box which refers to the number of operations they can perform in one second. For example, a 4 GHz processor … Keep Reading

Fix PC Games Stuttering

Unless you’re a total beginner to PC gaming, you’ll know that games can stutter sometimes – even if you have a seemingly high-end PC. It’s often characterized by a game freeze, game lag, or input lag for a short period of time (usually microseconds). Since it usually happens during the … Keep Reading

Graphics Card won’t Fit on Motherboard

“My GPU won’t fit into motherboard!” Visit any PC-focused forum or subreddit out there and you’ll see a good chunk of people asking this question. Although PC building is not a complex task, it can be slightly overwhelming for the beginners. Watching someone building a PC on YouTube is one … Keep Reading

What is SSD Cache

SSDs and HDDs are the two types of storage devices used in mainstream computers these days. While SSDs are really faster and more reliable than HDDs, many people still prefer the latter (at least as their main storage device) due to their cheaper cost. With that said, you can increase … Keep Reading

What is GPU Scaling

One thing we all love about PC gaming is customizability. No matter how big/small your budget is, there are tons of hardware components you can choose from to build your PC. The same goes for PC monitors where you get a lot of different models based on their screen sizes, … Keep Reading

What Graphics Card Do I Have

Whenever we decide to buy a new PC game, our first thought is something like this: “Will my PC run this game well?”. This is important because AAA titles are not cheap, with most of them costing more than $50 these days. And it’s not limited to games either. Different … Keep Reading

TV vs Monitor: Which One is Better for Gaming?

So you have the budget to buy a nice television or monitor to play your games on but aren’t quite sure which one is the better choice. The reality is they both have their pros and cons, and the decision will ultimately come down to what you can afford and … Keep Reading