7 of the Best SSD Brands for PCs

A few years ago, if you asked someone what an SSD was, they would have looked at you like you were speaking a foreign language. Today SSDs (Solid State Drives) are becoming more and more popular due to their speed and reliability. In this article, we will be discussing the … Keep Reading

What is SSD Cache

SSDs and HDDs are the two types of storage devices used in mainstream computers these days. While SSDs are really faster and more reliable than HDDs, many people still prefer the latter (at least as their main storage device) due to their cheaper cost. With that said, you can increase … Keep Reading

Different Types of SSDs

SSDs have been around us for quite some time but were restricted to only high-end PCs due to their high price. But now more and more budget users were opting for them due to ever-decreasing prices, with 2021 being the first time SSDs outselling the hard drive – and that … Keep Reading

Samsung 970 EVO vs 970 EVO Plus vs 970 PRO

With all other components being equal, SSD is the single biggest factor that determines your PC’s performance. Not only SSDs give you better read and write speeds, but they also have a better life expectancy, provide better OS/apps loading time, consume less power, and come with a smaller footprint compared … Keep Reading

SSD vs. HDD: Which One is Better?

Once upon a time, computer hard drives were failure-prone mechanical storage devices. But if you have bought a computer in the last five-plus years, chances are your primary drive is a solid-state drive. But what are the differences between the two? Is one better than the other? There are quite … Keep Reading

NVMe vs M.2 vs SATA3: Overview and Comparison

When scanning through your motherboard’s specs, under the storage interface section, you are likely to meet two interface types, M.2 and SATA. In terms of the Serial AT Attachment interface, for the past decade we have been using SATA III but you are still liable to find older motherboards that … Keep Reading