Best Low Profile RAM

This is our review of the best low Profile RAM Modules in 2022. The RAM is often an afterthought when you are specking out a brand new rig. The attention can mostly center on the processor, motherboard, and GPU. However, choosing the right RAM modules for your rig can be … Keep Reading

What You Need to Know about RAM Speed

After CPU and graphics card, RAM memory is the most decisive component of a PC. Being a faster storage device, it acts as a bridge between your hard drive/SSD and the CPU cache. When a computer program is executed, its data is sent over to the RAM. Due to the … Keep Reading

How Much Does RAM Affect FPS in Games

RAM memory is pretty important in a computer. It is also one of the key components that aid in your system’s performance. After the processor and the graphics card, RAM plays an integral role in bringing modern games to life on your screen. So it should affect FPS in games … Keep Reading

Single Channel vs. Dual Channel vs. Quad Channel Memory

Single channel, dual channel, and quad channel are different configurations on which RAM operates in the computer system. ATX and mATX motherboards come with four DIMM slots these days. Even the smaller mini-ITX boards feature two of them. That’s why many people put two/four memory sticks instead of just one … Keep Reading