Best Low Profile RAM

This is our review of the best low Profile RAM Modules in 2022.

The RAM is often an afterthought when you are specking out a brand new rig. The attention can mostly center on the processor, motherboard, and GPU.

However, choosing the right RAM modules for your rig can be important in more ways than one.

There can be quite a few criteria you have to fulfill while choosing RAM for your build. You need the right capacity for your use case, to begin with.

Best Low Profile RAM Buying Guide

You also need to pay attention to factors like memory frequency and CAS latency, especially if you are using the AMD platform. There can also be aesthetic considerations in your mind.

However, one of the most important qualities that you need to ensure when buying RAM is whether it fits properly, especially if you are using a beefy CPU cooler that can cause clearance issues.

The solution is to choose the right low-profile RAM modules that do not interfere with your CPU cooler while still checking all the other boxes (you can also go for a low-profile cooler to not have this issue in first place).

We took a look at low-profile RAM options in the market and came up with four solid choices that you can choose for your build.

1. HyperX HX432C16FB3/32: Best DDR4 Low Profile RAM

The HyperX Fury line of RAM has been popular with customers for a long time, owing to value-for-money pricing and reliable performance.

This 32GB stick of low-profile RAM promises reliable performance across the board while not breaking the bank.

It can also be a great choice if your build is based on a minimalist aesthetic and you do not need RGB bling on your RAM.

The packaging contains a single 32GB DIMM rated at 3200 MHz. The sleek, understated black look is courtesy of a new and improved low-profile heat spreader design which does a good job of dissipating the heat while avoiding clearance issues with large CPU coolers.

The distinctive HyperX Fury look, with bold lines and a fin design aesthetic at one end can be a stellar fit for both gaming systems and workstations.

The module is rated at a base memory frequency of 2400 MHz with the potential to go up to 3200 MHz using the included Extreme Memory Profile or XMP.

enabling the XMP profile in the BIOS will help the RAM to automatically overclock to the maximum memory speed allowed in the system BIOS.

Manually, you can take this card to higher overclocks. The CAS latency out of the box comes at a tight 17-17-17 and activating the XMP profile can take it to 16-18-18 at 3200 MHz.

The reliable performance has always been a forte of the Fury lineup and this module is no exception, with support for a wide range of boards across both Intel and AMD platforms that take DDR4 RAM.

The understated look and solid performance can make this a salient choice if you are looking for a value-for-money low profile RAM option.


  • Minimalist, black low-profile heat spreader design for excellent compatibility
  • Built-in XMP profiles can go up to 3200 MHz for plug-and-play functionality


  • Some BIOS tinkering needed to enable top speed, especially on AMD platform
  • Single-channel option

2. TEAMGROUP T-Force Vulcan Z

Next on our list is this workhorse kit from Teamgroup, featuring two 8GB DDR4 modules for a total memory capacity of 16GB.

This sleek kit with an innovative, futuristic heat spreader design is available in both black and red color options, giving you more choice if you want every component of your build to conform to a specific color scheme.

The pricing of the kit makes it an excellent budget option if you are looking for 16GB of RAM spread across two modules thereby making dual-channel memory operation possible.

The understated look is also devoid of any kind of RGB lighting, making this a good choice for sleeper builds and workstations.

The kit comes with a base memory frequency of 2400 MHz and can go up to 3200 MHz based on the integrated XMP memory profiles.

However, for this, you would need a motherboard that supports XMP and this memory speed.

While compatibility is universal for the Intel platform, you might need to do some tinkering to get this up to the rated maximum speed for AMD boards.

Out of the box, the kit comes with a tight CAS latency of 16-18-18. For manual overclockers, this can be a delight.

By loosening the timing a little and adding a little voltage on the top of the standard operating voltage, this kit can easily surpass the rated maximum frequency of 3200 MHz, sometimes even entering the 4 GHz territory.

Benchmark performances are solid across the board. However, the performance of this RAM is best realized with ASUS boards.

Testing indicates that performance levels with boards from other manufacturers can be a little less than the indicated levels.


  • Excellent for overclocking
  • Support for tiger CAS latency at lower frequencies
  • Dual-channel operation


  • Best performance only comes out in ASUS motherboards
  • Tinkering required to reach maximum speed on AMD platform

3. Corsair CML16GX3M2A1600C10: Best DDR3 Low Profile RAM

If you are still on an older platform and want to upgrade your RAM or considering a tried-and-tested last-gen platform for your new rig, this 16GB DDR3 kit from Corsair can be an excellent budget solution.

Corsair has a history of producing quality RAM and this kit performs perfectly in line with the high standards that have helped them build a reputation over time.

At its core, the kit comes with two 8GB DDR3 modules for a total of 16GB of memory.

The signature minimalist look of the Corsair heat-spreader has been specially designed to be extremely low profile, making it a perfect candidate for systems with large CPU coolers and small form factor builds where space is usually at a premium.

The kit comes with a base memory frequency of 1333 MHz per module and can go up to 1600 MHz using the integrated XMP 1.3 memory profile.

The rated latency of 9-9-9-24 for the base clock only changes very little at the maximum rated memory speed, reaching 10-10-10-27.

The low-profile heat spreaders do a commendable job dissipating heat from the DIMMs and the kit benefits from the rigorous stability testing that Corsair usually applies to all their RAM products, delivering reliable and stable performance even at the maximum rated speed.

The kit is also a great choice for manual overclockers, capable of reaching speeds of up to 1866 MHz with a little tweaking of the timing and voltage.


  • Muted design great for sleeper builds
  • The extremely low-profile heat spreader ensures maximum compatibility with beefy coolers
  • Tight timings and dual-channel operation
  • Good overclocking capabilities


  • 1600 MHz support missing from some motherboards
  • Only good for last-gen systems

4. G.Skill F4-3000C15D-16GVRB

The Ripjaws series by G.Skill is known to be some of the most reliable and compatible memory products in the market and this 16GB dual-channel memory kit is no exception.

Affordable, reliable, and providing rock-solid performance, this kit comes in a number of different color options that would be perfect if you want color-matched RAM for a themed build.

The unique design of the low-profile heat spreaders with a stylized V-shape also makes this extremely attractive. The colors available are red, blue, silver, grey, and black.

Coming at a rated base speed of 2133 MHz, this kit promises an operating memory frequency of 3000 MHz using the built-in XMP 2.0 profile with a CAS latency of 15-16-16-35.

In other words, you would only need to enable XMP in your BIOS to get this maximum rated speed straight out of the gate.

One of the key features of this kit is the true performance on offer. G.Skill has left a lot of headroom in terms of performance and it can be easy to tighten the timings down to 13-14-14-35 by giving it a little added voltage.

For overclocking enthusiasts who value performance, the native XMP profile itself can be used to take the memory clock to a whopping 3466 MHz.

A little manual tinkering can get this kit even further.

The 42mm module height makes this a suitable option for larger CPU coolers like flagship offerings from Noctua.

G.Skill also provides a lifetime limited warranty with this kit, bringing you peace of mind if you plan to use this for a long time.


  • Multiple color options to choose from
  • Great overclocker
  • Excellent performance with headroom to squeeze out more
  • Affordable and available everywhere


  • Older product and new alternatives available now
  • New DDR4 memory kits can operate at much higher speeds


While these are all excellent choices if you are looking for low-profile RAM for your build, your use case would determine the best option among them.

All four options come from reputed brands that have made a name for themselves creating PC memory products.

If you are building a brand-new system with the latest components, choosing the most recently launched option can bring you some important enhancements in terms of speed and memory efficiency.

However, with any of the options, you can outfit your system with no-compromise RAM while ensuring the best and beefiest cooling for your CPU.

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Brandon Dudley is a PC gamer, builder, and writer. He has been building PCs for over 10 years and has written extensively about the topic. He is a self-taught expert in the field and enjoys helping others learn about PC gaming and building.
Photo of author
Brandon Dudley is a PC gamer, builder, and writer. He has been building PCs for over 10 years and has written extensively about the topic. He is a self-taught expert in the field and enjoys helping others learn about PC gaming and building.