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ATX vs Micro ATX vs Mini ITX Motherboards

So you’re looking to get yourself a motherboard, but aren’t sure which type of board is best for you? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’ll be discussing the many differences and pro’s and con’s between a full ATX, micro ATX, and mini ITX motherboards. Each board possesses … Keep Reading

Best GPU For 1440p 144Hz

Gaming at 1440p 144Hz is a glorious experience but it requires some pretty strong GPU power. When looking for a GPU that can unlock the power of 144Hz you want to really push framerates past 70 fps. The human eyes starts to be unable to distinguish the difference at that … Keep Reading

Dedicated GPU vs. Integrated Graphics: Which One is Better?

So you have a question floating around in your mind, just how much better is a dedicated GPU than an integrated graphics solution? Truthfully, both have their uses, and you will have to decide which makes the most sense for your situation. The question remains, are dedicated GPUs better in … Keep Reading

What is Ray Tracing and DLSS

Ray tracing and DLSS 2.0 are two standout features of the latest RTX 30 graphics cards that make them perform significantly better than their predecessors. In this post, we’ll discuss what both of these features are, what they do, and whether you should enable them. Ray Tracing Ray tracing is … Keep Reading

How to Check if Your PC Can Run a Game

The best thing we like about computers is the huge headroom for customization. There are hundreds of hardware combinations you can use to build your gaming PC. But while it gives a lot of flexibility to PC gamers, it makes it difficult to estimate whether a PC game will run … Keep Reading

Reference vs Non-Reference Graphics Card

Whenever reading graphics cards’ reviews, you’ll find that there are multiple graphics cards based on a single GPU. Many times even a single manufacturer, such as MSI, releases multiple variants of a GPU with very minimum differences in terms of specs. Take RTX 3070, for example. It has more than … Keep Reading

What are CPU and GPU Bottlenecks

In its simplest form, a computer is just a bunch of different hardware components that communicate with each other to perform certain tasks. But what if there’s a great mismatch between the processing power of these components, with one of them being too slower than the rest? This situation is … Keep Reading

How to Reduce CPU Temperature

The CPU/processor is often called the brain of the computer, and for a good reason. It’s responsible for interacting with all the programs/software you’ve installed in your computer, receiving input from those programs/OS/other hardware components, processing that input, and displaying the result in the form of output on your screen. … Keep Reading

What Is NVLink

SLI and CrossFire are different technologies, created by Nvidia and AMD respectively, that allow you to use connect multiple graphics cards to work together in a single system. While their concept is good, they couldn’t gain mass popularity due to various issues, such as scalability, game compatibility, extra power consumption, … Keep Reading

What Is Smart Access Memory

The last couple of years have truly been phenomenal for AMD. While their processors are consistently beating those of Intel, their graphics cards have made huge strides against Nvidia’s RTX 3000 GPUs. It means after many years, it finally makes sense to use AMD’s CPU and GPU inside the same … Keep Reading