Does the Motherboard Affect Gaming Performance?

Can a motherboard improve your PC’s gaming performance and increase FPS? Short answer: Yes Long answer: Yes, but also it depends on several factors. A motherboard alone is practically not going to do anything. But when you combine it with a quality CPU, a good GPU, and adequately fast RAM, … Keep Reading

Can You Use A Dual Processor Motherboard For Gaming

We are a familiar with what is a motherboard and how it works? It acts as a communication medium between your PC components. You put a CPU intro its socket, GPU into its PCIe slot, and connect I/O devices through ports and headers. But what if I told you that … Keep Reading

What Motherboard Do I Have?

A motherboard is the main circuit board of a computer. You can think of it as the medium through which your PC components and peripherals interact with each other. Many things are happening in a computer: The mouse and keyboard are the devices you use for input. The CPU processes … Keep Reading